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Who are we?

Sporting Legal is an educational platform that breaks down legal issues and developments in the world of sport.


Do you want to learn about sports law and the latest developments without having to sift through lengthy and technical articles? Follow Sporting Legal.


Why I created Sporting Legal 

I've spent most of my life obsessed with sports. I've always enjoyed playing or watching sports. It was something I always looked forward to in my daily life.

During my last year at university, the coronavirus pandemic disrupted everything. I no longer had the pleasure of unwinding at the pitch, knocking a ball about, or rallying on the court with my flatmate. During the lockdowns, I started reading about sports instead of playing or watching them. I found that I could combine a passion of mine with my studies by reading 'sports' law. I quickly discovered that the legal issues in the sports sector were fascinating, complex, and constantly evolving.

I came across a variety of sports law content that was difficult, full of legal language, and occasionally inaccessible due to a pay wall. That was my eureka moment. I wanted to create a sports law platform that was free, engaging, and concise. It was critical to me that sporting-legal content be engaging and concise, with any legal jargon explained. I wanted to break down legal issues and developments in a way that hadn't been done before. Fast forward a year and a half later, and Sporting Legal now publishes a wide array of sports law content, including weekly sports law headlines, explainer posts, athlete doping cases, court case summaries, corporate scandals, investigations, and corruption, as well as a weekly quiz.

Founder, Yusuf Panah

Our Team

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